Art New York

Laurence Jenkell à Art New York avec la galerie Boccara

Laurence Jenkell’s Candies on view at Sotheby’s International Realty, Pouerto Pico, June 30 – November 30. Presented by BOCCARA ART.

Exposed all over the world, Laurence Jenkell began travelling a lot. After successfull projects of the Candy Nations – a series of oversized candies with the flags of different countries – created for the G20 Summit in Cannes, France 2011, followed by Candy Nations public exhibition on the Garmet District malls on Broadway and solo exhibition at BOCCARA ART New York, famouse Candies arrive to Pouerto Rico for a six-months exhibition at Sotheby’s International Realty, 1052 Ashford Avenue, Unit 1-A, San Juan, 00907, Pouerto Rico.

Born in 1965, Laurence Jenkell lives and works in Vallauris, in the Alpes-maritimes. Self-taught, she started to create on her own in the middle of the 90s.
Her artistic research led her to experiment with various techniques such as inclusion, dripping, firing, casting, etc. After multiple attempts, she successfully mastered and dominated Plexiglas, obtaining the “wrapping” technique, which will allow her to produce the Candy sculpture that has obsessed her for many years now.

That candy allowed her to exorcise devils of her childhood and made her question herself about her own heredity. The artist is going to transform it and work it in various more and more imaginative and dreamlike searches. She shapes it, plays around its structure and its twisting to arrive quite naturally at the spiral of the DNA double helix. Through this new creative orientation, the artist transmits us a little of her own DNA. The combination of her ”wrapping” process with a twisting motion is what produces her unique works of art. Her candies are not just messages of sweetness; they also represent twists, tangles and resistance, certain « demons of her childhood » and to question her own history.